Above-Ground Reel System

FeherGuard's Deluxe Above Ground Reel System is reliable, and easy-to-use.

  • Designed to fit most above ground pools 13'4" - 28'
  • Wide wide-track bearings for smooth turning
  • Added convenience of handles at both ends
  • Easy "lift-off and swing" feature makes it possible for one person to remove the blanket
  • Tubes feature anodized finish to reduce tarnishing

Available in our retail stores - please contact us for information.

FeherGuard Reels Can Be Used with Virtually Any Shape of Pool
Above Ground Pools
The reel should be positioned at the widest point of the pool. The straps are attached at that point of the blanket. Another post can be placed to allow the reel to swing-away and store out of the way. See illustration.

Terms of Use