Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

When It Comes To Kids, You Can't Be Safe Enough! Now you can own the kind of protection you need for your children. The BABY-LOC Removable Mesh Pool Fencing is a convenient and a cost-effective extra layer of protection for your pool.

No company is more synonymous with keeping pools safe than LOOP-LOC, manufacturer of the legendary LOOP-LOC® Safety Swimming Pool Cover - the only pool cover in the world proven safe and strong enough to pass the "Bubbles the Elephant" test! Only BABY-LOC gives you the superior construction, quality, durability and ease of maintenance you expect from LOOP-LOC!

BABY-LOC features and benefits:

  • STURDY FENCING around your pools helps toddlers from gaining access to the water. Standard 4.5-foot fence height, with 30-inch pole spacing on center, exceeds U.S. Consumer Products Standards. Also available in 5 foot height, with 30-inch pool spacing on center. You can make a gate opening between any two connecting sections by adding an extra anchor and folding back the first section on the end where two sections are joined.

  • HIGH QUALITY black Reinforced Cored Fiberglass Pole Construction.

  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES. It's so easy to put up and take down, you'll want to use it whenever you'd like to have an additional measure of protection for your pool.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN includes solid brass double-ended latches with stainless steel spring-loaded trigger mechanism.

  • NEUTRAL BLACK COLOR offers greater UV stability and blends beautifully with any backyard decor. See-through mesh doesn't obstruct your view of the pool.

Aluminum Poles 4' high sections

Section Length
Price/Line Foot
4' Sections $14.00
5' Sections $14.00
10' Sections $14.00
20' Sections $14.00

Aluminum Poles 5' high sections

Section Length
Price/Line Foot
4' Sections $15.28
5' Sections $15.28
10' Sections $15.28
20' Sections $15.28


Optional magna latch gate
4' 6" high Self closing & latching $478.00
5' high Self closing & latching $528.00

Please call 866-spa-pool to order







Remember - when it comes to child safety, there isn't a substitute for continuous adult supervision.
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