Reel System

The Blanket Handler XL meets the needs of larger pools, with its heavy duty engineering and our new, larger 4" (10.2cm) tubes.

  • Fits pools with a width up to 25' (7.6m) wide and 50' (15.24m) long.
  • Tubes are Feherguard's unique, patented Rib-Locking System, for added strength and durability.
  • Attractive Silver Guard anodized finish reduces tarnishing, for years of excellent wear.
  • High Density Polyethylene with UV inhibitors, provides strength and protects the bright white color.
  • 3" heavy duty locking casters for easy movement.
  • Heavy duty wide track roller bearings for easier blanket roll-up.

    Available in our retail stores - please contact us for information.
FeherGuard Reels Can Be Used with Virtually Any Shape of Pool
Rectangular Pools (2' radius or less)
Place the reel at the pool end with the straps attached to the end of the blanket. Fold any extended blanket sections onto the main blanket so it will flow freely onto the reel.
Oval Pools and Rectangular Pools with wide radius corners
The reel should be positioned at the widest point of the pool. The straps are attached at that point of the blanket.
Kidney, Round or other shaped pools
As a general rule of thumb on irregular shaped pools, the reel is placed across the widest point of the pool. On some kidney shapes and pools with steps, fold the extended blanket section in to form a straight line, in order to avoid catching on the side of the pool.
Terms of Use