Economical robotic cleaner has no messy hoses, cleans up to a 20'x40' pool in 1 hour!

This revolutionary "jet" designed robotic cleaner cleans, scrubs and vacuums your in-ground pool in one hour. AquabotT Turbo T-Jet has a high pressure impeller that not only drives the unit but also provides suction and jet propulsion to power wash debris and dirt into its vacuuming ports. This jet technology filters up to 4800 gallons an hour as it redistributes your pool chemicals. The new roller style for 2009 eliminates main drain sticking! Its extra large 23Q filter bag means less emptying and catches dirt, debris, algae and even some bacteria! Since T-Jet has its own filtration system it will not clog your pool's pump and filter.

It is entirely safe and runs on 24 volts. The cost to operate is only pennies a day. It is designed to work on any type of pool including vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. Its automatic guidance system insures complete coverage of any pool shape or configuration. It is lightweight - weighs only 11 lbs - means it is easy to remove from your pool. Put an automatic power washer in your pool this year with AquabotT Turbo T-Jet. T-Jet comes complete with transformers and 51 ft of floating cable. Powerful jet streams blast dirt and debris off your pool's surface instead of just vacuuming like other robotic cleaners. 3-Year Warranty.

*Note: Aquabot's warranty covers units sold in U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico only. Sales to any other area void the warranty.

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Aquabot Turbo T-Jet
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