The Structure of Paradise

Product excellence is not just a goal for Hydra Pools, it's a necessity. The manufacturer's decades of experience, unbeatable warranty, and dedication to excellence make Hydra Pools the best in-ground swimming pools on the market.

Virgin vinyl liners are manufactured by a computer-controlled process for exceptional uniformity and strength. The liners are attractive, easily installed and trouble free. VIEW LINER PATTERNS.

Alignment coping by Hydra is specially designed to encapsulate the entire top surface of wall panels, providing precision-engineered alignment.

Braces provide high-strength deck-support. The bracing is carefully designed to transfer the deck-weight loading to the vertical wall and anchor stake.

Nylon fasterners include nylon bolts, nuts and washers to fasten pool components together with the strength and security of metal hardware. However, they will never rust or corrode.

Anchor stakes are rugged and durable. Hydra's anchor stakes assure positive leveling, locking and alignment.

Wall systems by Hydra feature structual thermoplastic walls that are molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each panel has uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels cannot rust, corrode, rot, crack or splinter.

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