Kit Components

What do our Do-It-Yourself pool packages include?

  • Hydra Pool polymer panels, braces, nuts and bolts, rebar rods
  • Alcoa Bull Nose coping and hardware
  • 6 ft. 4 tread stair for 14 x 28 pool
  • 8 ft. 4 tread stair for pool 16 x 32 and larger
  • Hayward 500 watt 120V light with 30' cord and niche
  • 1-2 Hayward skimmers**
  • Main Drain 1.5"**
  • Hayward 1.5 HP Super Pump
  • Hayward 24" sand filter with fitting package (inlets and outlets)
  • One Inter-Fab 3-tread ladder with anchors and handrail.
  • Safety rope kit
  • Maintenance kit including pole, net, vac hose, vac head, brush, thermometer, and test kit
  • Accessory kit including fittings, ball valve, PVC cement, tape, and timer
  • 100 ft. roll of 1.5" flex PVC hose
  • Informational literature packet - including dig dimensions and layout.
  • Note: Instructional video available, but not included.

* 2 skimmers are included in the 20' x 40' pool package. All other packages include only one skimmer.
** Check your building code. Some states require two main drains and a vacuum release line.
*** Not included with the 14' x 28' pool kit. For more enjoyment, we suggest purchasing a SLIDE.

Note: In-ground swimming pool assembly will require additional items such as pool vermiculite or pool base with portland cement. These items are not economical to ship because of their weight and, therefore, are not included in the kit price. Additionally, you may need extra plumbing fittings to customize your equipment and plumbing setup or electrical supplies, all of which can be purchased in your local area at building and electrical supply companies. We can customize your kit with other options, just let us know what you want.

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